[Serendipity] 1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. 2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries. 3. An instance of making such a discovery. The Free Dictionary セレンディピティとは・・素敵な偶然に出会ったり、予想外のものを発見すること。また、何かを探しているときに、探しているものとは別の価値があるものを偶然見つけること。平たく言うと、ふとした偶然をきっかけに、幸運をつかみ取ること wikipedia

[Unknown flower on the beach side road]  OKINAWA.JAPAN.

[The road in to Navy base gate.] YOKOSUKA.JAPAN
[The red flower on the pond] OKINAWA.JAPAN
[Twin girls and mask shop] KAMAKURA.JAPAN
[Butterfly and ants] OKINAWA.JAPAN
[a girl on Dougenzaka-street] SHIBUYA.TOKYO.JAPAN
[look down on street view]  SHIODOME .TOKYO.JAPAN
[flea market on the full blooming flowers] TOKYO.JAPAN
[Daily toiletry  products on the shop]SHIMOKITAZAWA.TOKYO.JAPAN
[Out on the road]TOKYO.JAPAN

[The girls in the yellow] SHIBUYA .TOKYO.JAPAN.
[Wear house in the Navy base ]YOKOSUKA.JAPAN.
[Ladies in blue]OKINAWA.JAPAN.
[Window view of east china sea]OKINAWAAPAN
[Penguins of Tokyo]Edogawa.TOKYO.JAPAN
[Old house and red flowers] OKINAWA.JAPAN.
[Beach of Miyako jima islands]OKINAWA.JAPAN.
[Tokyo Tower from Roppongi] ROPPONGI.TOKYO.JAPAN.
[Summer night  event] Roppongi.TOKYO.JAPAN

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